How to download

1. Click the Download button and the "File download" dialog box will pop up.
2. Choose and click "Save" button to save it to your computer.
"Save as" dialog box will show. Select "Desk top" to save in and click "Save". Now you have completed downloading the casino software.

How to install

1. After completing the download step, minimize all windows currently opened and double click the casino software icon saved on the desk top. It will start the installation of the casino software.

* If you don't remember the location where you saved the file, you can easily find it by following the instruction below.
Click "Start" on the bottom left corner of your screen.
Select "Find" and then click "Files or Folders ..." .
Enter the name of the casino software file you downloaded in the "Named" text box and click "Find Now".
Windows will search for the file automatically if the file was downloaded successfully, otherwise try and download the file again.

2. As the installation begins, "Welcome" dialog box will pop up. Click "Next" to proceed.
3. "Choose Destination Location" dialog appears. Click "Next" and go to the next step.

* If you need to change the location to save the program in, use the "Browse ... " button accordingly to do so and then click "Next".
The default setting is usually recommended except for special cases.
4. "Information" dialog appears. Click "OK".

Now you have completed the installation.


Please enjoy our world class Online Casino Games!
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*Still have a problem and need to ask questions about download and installation?
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