How to make a deposit with Credit Card

All online credit card transactions in our casino are processed by IDP, our E-cash merchant.
IDP offers transaction and settlement of electronic cash which is used on Internet with the best measure for security. Therefore we accept their E-cash as betting chips at our Casino. Currently, we are accepting "VISA" and "MasterCard".

It does not take time to process the deposit.
It will be automatically credited to your Casino account.
We are accepting "VISA" and "MasterCard".
You can use as many Credit Cards as you want.
The minimum deposit you can make at each time is $US20.
The maximum amount of money you can deposit for 2 weeks is $US 800 for each Credit Card.

The maximum amount of money you can deposit is $US 800 and the minimum is $US 20 per Credit Card for 15 days period. You will have to enter your Credit Card Number every time you make a purchase.

We are using 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that encrypt and protect the data sent to our casino against disclosure to third party.

You can use multiple Credit Cards for your convenience. Credit line is renewed every 1st and 16th of each month.

If you wish to deposit more than $US 800, please contact our Support Center.


How to Deposit