Deposit through NETeller

NETeller provides the fastest and most secure way to transfer cash online, with same-day payments and virtually instant cash transfers.

Funding method information:


Once you have signed up and Verified a bank account with NETeller you will be eligible for an InstaCash Deposit. NETeller will give you instant access to funds in your bank account, provided you follow the InstaCash guidelines. Please login to your NETeller Account for all the details.

F-Cash Deposits, including Cash Advances

NETeller has partnered with F-Cash to provide additional deposit methods. You can fund your NETeller Account with a F-Cash Account, which has many similar deposit options as NETeller as well as Cash Advances and Payday Loans. Please visit the F-Cash website at for all the details.

Electronic Funds Transfer can be used to move funds directly from your bank account into your NETeller Account. All you need to do is register and verify a U.S. bank account with NETeller in order to make this type of deposit. Electronic Funds Transfer deposits usually take 2 - 4 business days to enter your NETeller Account.

Bank Deposits can be made to your NETeller account through any Bank of America or Citibank branch. After the deposit has been made, you just need to notify NETeller by fax with the deposit slip. As soon as NETeller gets confirmation from the bank, the funds will be deposited in your NETeller Account. For NETeller banking information please refer to the Deposits section of your Account Page.

Credit Card deposits can be made directly from within the NETeller site. You just need to go to the Deposit section of your account and click on the VISA/Mastercard link. A processing fee will be deducted from the amount you request.

Follow these easy steps below to sign up with NETeller

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Application is successful. You will now receive an account ID and Secure ID.
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