Game Rule
Black Jack

- Both a player and a dealer get throw 2 cards each. The dealer's first card is throw face up and the second is face down. (inside the circle on the table)
- If the player's first hand with 2 cards total 21, then it is a Black Jack. (If the dealer's hand total is 21, it is a push - tie.)
- If the hand total under 21, you may "Hit", "Split", "Double down" or "Stand".
- Click "Hit" to be dealt throw another card. You may continue to hit to accept additional cards. When your cards total exceeds 21, then you get bust - lose.
- Click "Stand" when you are satisfied with your hand to refuse any further cards. Once you decide to stand, then dealer gets its turn. The dealer continues to hit while the hand is 16 or under. When the dealer's hand reaches 17 or over, the dealer stands. The dealer must follow this rule.
- Let's review a little bit more about Black Jack before starting to play. The following terms are used.


If the first 2 cards have equal value, for example both cards are 9, then it can be played as "Split". When splitting, the original hand is split into two separate hands and an additional card is throw for each hand. Another bet equal to the initial bet amount is placed automatically. It means that the first hand makes 2 hands, each hand consisting of the each of the first 2 cards. You can bet on both hands. Note that two Aces split get only one additional card dealt for each hand.

Double down

To click "Double down" after being throw 2 cards allows you to choose double down. "Double down" double the initial bet and only one more card is throw.


When the dealer's first card is an Ace, you have an option to have an "Insurance". This is an insurance to protect your bet against the dealer's chance of getting Black Jack. It covers the half of your hand. Even if the dealer has a Black Jack, you still win. If the dealer's hand is not a Black Jack, you lose your insurance.