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  • Game slot Bank Roll Slots
    Have fun with two great slot machines Bank Roll Slots and Mogul Slots. You can play them just like another slot machine.
  • Video poker Video Poker machine
    Jacks or Better Video Poker Video Poker is an exciting game that is popular worldwide. The objective of the video poker is to get the highest hand possible. After you place the coins on Video Poker machine
  • Cyber Stud Poker
    Calificación de la mano del Repartidor El Repartidor debe calificar con una mano de Ases/Reyes o bien antes de empezar.
  • Mini Baccarat "Player" or "Banker"
    Mini Baccarat First you bet which one, "Player" or "Banker", will win or they will "Tie". The Player and the Banker are thrown 2 cards each. All tens and face
  • Pai Gow Poker
    Pai Gow Poker The objective of this game is to split 7 cards into 2 hands. (5 cards for one hand and 2 cards for the other hand) Your both 2 hands need to be higher than the dealer's
  • Roulette
    The roulette wheel is marked with 0, 00 and numbers 1 to 36. These numbers are placed in inside bet area and 0 and 00 are colored green and other numbers are alternately colored red and black
  • Let It Ride Poker
    Let It Ride Poker To start with, you place ante (bet) in each of three betting circles.Then three cards are dealt. Now you choose to withdraw the first ante you wagered and call off the round or leave it out to continue(Let it ride).
  • Video Keno
    Video Keno Twenty numbers are randomly selected.You need to match spot numbers you selected with the numbers shown as "hit".The more the match, the higher the pay
  • Sic Bo
    Sic Bo Three dices are rolled and you predict the total is either 4 to 10 called small or 11 to 17 called big. If the combination is triplet (2:2:2 or 3:3:3 for small and 4:4:4 or 5:5:5 for big), you lose.
  • Craps
    Craps There are many ways of betting for craps.Here we have how to play craps in our casino.Pass line bet Pass line bet is one of popular ways of betting in casino.
  • game_blackjack.html
    Black Jack Both a player and a dealer get throw 2 cards each. The dealer's first card is throw face up and the second is face down.